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Scanning solutions with a personal touch

ScanVT is a small, home-based business that scans and digitizes products for people and businesses in Vermont and surrounding areas.  ScanVT is centrally located in Bethel, Vermont

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ScanVT offers archival quality at a very competitive price. 

Vintage photo, Vermont farm scene
vintage photo
Vermont farm scene circa 1950

Pricelist - Archival Images

Scanning fees - $ 0.39 each up to 12" x 18" or slide 

Large documents/photos/scrapbooks - $1.99 per page


Multi-image scan - $0.39 ea


Remove photos from albums or slides from carousels - $ 0.20 each

Return photos to albums or slides to carousels - $ 0.20 each

Return photos to envelopes or photo boxes - no charge

Titles, captions, keywords, people and other metadata - $ 0.25 per photo​

Fragile/difficult items - $30 per hour


Pick-up/delivery up to 100 photos - $20

                               up to 500 photos - $10

                                over 500 photos - free

Service fee - $25*

*Repeat customers - service fee waived when adding new photos onto previously purchased flash drives


ScanVT offers a 15% discount to customers that exceed 1,000 scans (one photo album can easily contain 200-300 pictures, so it doesn’t take long to reach that number).


Also, current and retired postal workers immediately qualify for a 15% discount on all projects.

  • Photos scanned at 400-3200 dpi, based on the size of the original, in tif format; slides at 4000 dpi

  • One-year complimentary cloud storage with a link to share with friends and family (jpeg files only)

  • Flash drive with your items in tif and jpeg format 

  • One-year on-site storage at ScanVT 

  • Complete satisfaction guarantee 

Compared with other reputable scanning businesses, ScanVT offers lower prices and quality that meets or exceeds the competition.  My philosophy is that scanning is important, and you should scan as much as you can without compromising quality. 


That said, scanning is an investment, and the costs can add up on larger, more elaborate projects.  If you decide to make this investment, I hope you will consider ScanVT.

1.  Collect the items you would like digitized.

2.  Print out a worksheet to get an idea of the scope of your project. 

3.  Contact Brenda to arrange a time to drop off or have her come and pick up your items.

Ready to get started?
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Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

Business Services
 Archival Document Scanning

High quantity scanning for business documents

TIFF Masters to PDF/A

Searchable or non-searchable text

Flexible organization based on your needs

Protect your business history by digitizing your important documents.  Prices range from 7 - 12 cents each

Contact ScanVT for a quote today!

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Flowering bush

What can be scanned?

Virtually anything that can be laid on a flatbed scanner can be digitized, from a tiny strip of 8mm film to a 24” x 36” work of art.  Most commonly scanned items include:

  • Photos

  • Slides

  • Documents

  • Letters and envelopes

  • Artwork

  • Baby books

  • Scrap books

  • Newspaper clippings

Why scan?

The number one reason is to secure and protect the things that are most important to you.  Having a high-quality digital copy of your photos and documents, kept in a secure location, will give you peace of mind.  If tragedy strikes and your items become lost, damaged or destroyed, you will have a high-quality digital back-up.


Other reasons:

  • Photos, slides, documents can fade over time; obtaining a digital copy preserves the original quality.  But if fading or deterioration has already occurred, scanning and restoration can bring them back to life 

  • Digital files can easily be shared with friends and family, either by uploading to a cloud file such as OneDrive or Dropbox, or by creating a duplicate copy, usually on a flash drive or solid-state drive

  • Digital files can be mirrored on a large television screen or loaded saved on your computer, allowing you to see details in the images that may have been too small to see on the originals and to easily share with a crowd!

  • Your files can be with you wherever you go by putting a copy on your cell phone or other mobile device

  • Images can be posted onto social media or ancestry websites to enhance your family history

  • Use your images to compile slideshows for weddings, birthday, memorial services or other special occasions

  • If you organize everything with keywords, you’ll be able to find a needle in a haystack just by typing in a word or two.  No more searching through cumbersome photo albums!

Formats that will stand the test of time:  ScanVT uses a process in which the original scan remains intact, and all adjustments are done in a non-destructive manner.  This way, you’ll always have access to the original (master) file.  This is one way to “future-proof” your scans, because you never know what kind of technology will be available down the road.  For example, there are some software applications that claim to bring out-of-focus photos into focus, with limited success so far.  But as technology improves, your master file, with all the original data, will be there for you in case you want to give it a try. 

Master files are scanned in TIF format, then the final product after editing is exported as a JPEG, which is a much smaller and more user-friendly file for most applications.  ScanVT will give you the original master file and the JPEG file.  However, if you find you need a specific size or format just let us know. 

Creativity:  ScanVT offers a unique service called “multi-image scans” in which multiple related images can be combined into one new image.  This is extremely valuable if you want the front and back of a photo or post card, or an envelope and corresponding letter, or a multi-page document, for example. 

Contact sheets:  Each project comes with complimentary contact sheets, which are thumbnail-size images with the file names in a grid form.  These can be a handy way to find an image, especially if you don’t use keywords.

Cloud Storage:  One year complimentary cloud storage for your jpeg files, with a link that you can share with friends and family as an easy and convenient way to share your files.

Organization options:  ScanVT is very flexible when it comes to organizing your files, and there is no charge to create whatever system you want, including keeping your images in order.


Price:  ScanVT is not just a business, it is a labor of love.  We want to help you preserve your family history with a top-notch product at a reasonable price.  We're certain that if you compare our prices and services with other scanning companies, you'll be amazed at how much you can save without sacrificing quality.   


Turnaround time:  Projects can be completed from a day for very small jobs, to a couple of months for extremely large jobs.  If you have a large project, we’ll communicate with weekly updates and samples so you can see how it’s progressing.

Vermont Scene 3.jpg

Why should I choose ScanVT?  Can’t I just do it myself?

Yes, you can certainly scan on your own!  But scanning can be tedious and confusing.  The goal should be to scan things once and be done, so it’s extremely important to have a quality scanner, and to choose the proper settings on your equipment.  Make sure the quality is high so that you don’t lose important details of the photo.  It’s very disappointing to zoom in on a photo and see nothing but pixels.  Future generations will thank you for preserving your family history so that it can be enjoyed for years to come!  But if you decide you need help, ScanVT is there for you. 


If you are comparing ScanVT to other companies,

here are some ways in which we stand out:


Local:  ScanVT is a local, person-to-person business.  Sending your most treasured, irreplaceable possessions through the mail or other courier is a scary proposition.  At ScanVT, you can bring your items directly to the business, or we’ll arrange pick-up and delivery from your location.  If it’s a long distance, we can meet somewhere in the middle. 


Quality:  ScanVT creates archival-quality results.  Most items are scanned on a Creo iQsmart flatbed scanner, used by professional image conservationists around the world.  This scanner has a 12” x 18” bed and scans up to 40 framed slides at a time.  An Epson V850 Pro is also used, mainly for smaller documents.


Using a flatbed scanner means your items will never be fed through an automated machine.  Each item is handled carefully to ensure that no damage is done.  After scanning, the images are virtually cleaned to remove dust and other imperfections, and then color is restored if necessary.  After final cropping and inspection, keywords, titles and captions are added if requested. 



After every image is scanned, dust and other imperfections are removed

and color is corrected if necessary.  This is done in a non-destructive manner to protect and maintain the original image.

The multi-image scans below are a great way to view the front and back of a postcard, letter or photograph in one image - a ScanVT exclusive!

Sample Slides scanned at 4000 dpi, click image to enlarge

Every photo scanning order comes with complimentary contact sheets.  I always recommend adding keywords to your photos, but if you choose not to, contact sheets can be a helpful way to find specific photos.

Sample of a Contact Sheet

A small clipping or the whole page,  there's nothing like a real newspaper.  Even when it's scanned, it's special!

Sample File 013.jpg

What good is having a jumble of scanned letters if you don't know what goes together?  ScanVT can keep your letters and envelopes together as one file.  You never have to worry about mixing them up, and you can read them over and over without risking any damage to the originals.

letter sample-2_edited.jpg


A lifelong Vermonter with a passion for preserving family histories, Brenda Roberts has years of experience scanning for friends, family and her own collection. When she's not busy at her scanner, Brenda enjoys traveling, is a proud mother and "Nan", and enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve.  She knows how much your collection means to you and looks forward to meeting with you one-on-one.

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Get in Touch

ScanVT is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

27 Dunham Rd
Bethel, VT 05032

802 272-1082

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